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The Daily Post: [Bitter]

Warning: molestation. She stands, unable to be truly happy for him. He’s standing on stage, their parents in the row with her as she folds her arms. Her mother notices her reaction, and nudges her. “You should be happy for your brother. His award is a wonderful thing, and you’re being a poor sister.” Advertisements

The Daily Post: Struggles [Chuckle]

It’s in his laugh. It’s in the quiet way that he chuckles that begs me not to ask. Ironically, he feels that doing so draws less attention to himself. I don’t want to burden you, he’s said. Despite my explanations that doing so only burdens me more, he only gives a wry smile, and chuckles. Ah. It was never about […]

The Tenth Step

Warning(s): Abortion, divorce.  Author’s Note: I wrote this for a creative writing module back when I was in school, and it’s one of the stories I’m a little happier with. A telling of how people meet, and build a relationship with each other, before it essentially, dissolves.