The Daily Post: Severed Ties [Opaque]


When I open my eyes, it’s a white room. White all throughout, blank, nothing beneath my feet despite the reality that I’m standing.

I fall to my knees, shaky. I watch as my reality comes into view, a glass box. Or what used to be glass. The corners have gone grey, glass fading to slate, my world slowly changing.

I watch as you come into view. A mere arm’s length away from me; you’re standing so close. Your arms rest on the glass. You’re breathing heavily, eyes red. I watch you cry, and you’re almost screaming. I can see it.

I read your lips, and I feel my heart break. I didn’t want to leave you alone, darling. But I had no choice. My lips are parted as the stone prison picks up its pace, like wildfire, my world melting away as it gets darker where I stand.

Until the last bit of my initially glass world stops around you. A perfect outline of you, almost as though you were an angel, a halo protecting you from what I was. I watched as you bashed at the glass, crying, begging for me to let you in. I take steps right up to the edge of my glass heart, my hand meeting yours. You almost let yourself hope —

— but I step away. You deserve more than what I can give. If shutting you out would protect you, that’s what I’d do. I shake my head, and the final bit of glass melts into stone.

My world becomes opaque, and I sit. I can’t hear you anymore, the cries that you’d had, the begs that fell from your lips. I bleed, and I cry.

It’s finally over.

Laying down on the dark, dark room, I close my eyes, and I sleep.


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